MORAN SAFETYGLASS is the experienced car windshield manufacturer with Australian production technology. The windscreens are safe, high quality and trusted in both domestic and foreign markets.

Why choose Moran ?

Moran Safetyglass was established in 1995, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of windshields to prominent retailers and wholesalers in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our factory is situated in the export processing zone in Tay Ninh city, Viet Nam. With over 15 years of extensive experience in the automotive glass manufacturing industry, the founders of Moran Autoglass have earned their expertise, offering customers the utmost value in their products.

Australian Technology Windscreen

Affordable Price

Low Min Order

We offer competitive prices and greater flexibility with low minimum orders.

Our extensive local network and 15 years of experience in international exporting, particularly to strict markets like Australia and New Zealand, enable us to prioritize delivering orders promptly and efficiently.

We focus on consistent quality of autoglass. Our products are designed using Australian technology. Our windscreens are certified with ISO 9001, Quatest 3, and approved by USA DOT.

Fast shipping

Regular Laminated Autoglass

Value-added Laminated Autoglass

Custom Bending Glass

Our Products

“To make all new automotive glass affordable to everyone everywhere"

At Moran Safetyglass, our mission statement is: "To make all new automotive glass affordable to everyone everywhere"

We are committed to actively listening to and collaborating with our clients, business partners, and suppliers. This close partnership allows us to continually broaden our product range and expand our supply network, ensuring that we can meet market demands at all times.

Your satisfaction with our products and services serves as a constant source of inspiration, propelling us to continuously reinvent our business and strive for improvement.